life reeked of joy: unreleased tracks from 2008​-​2011

by arlo brooks

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this is a collection of songs i wrote between 2008 and 2011, almost exclusively in ashland, oregon (except for tracks 1, 6, and 19 written in winchester, uk and track 20 which was written and recorded in pasadena, ca). some of these have been released before under a different name. these are all incredibly rough and embarrassing, but i figured i needed to get them off my hands once and for all. what you will find here is a mix of experimental (and very amateurish and strange) singer/songwriter songs, dorky computer math jazz tracks (complex jazz tracks composed with fake instruments from garageband), and ambient, noisy soundscapes. these were recorded in a dorm with a laptop and an acoustic guitar and that's it. message me on facebook if you can actually make it through this album and if you are in la i'll buy you a beer.


released December 8, 2015



all rights reserved


arlo brooks Pasadena, California

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Track Name: seaweed
i caught a fish right down ashland street
the feds tried to rip me but i got them one beat
scaring kids and stomping on feet
there ain't much of nothing coming from the concrete these days
these days

oh no i've got laundry to do
oh no i've got laundry to do

corpses creek
bloody leak
and fucking everyone that you meet

i've got positive sight
intentions to enlight
the demons of fatigue
come to wrap up everything

i've come to rely and to reply to your standard mail
that always fails in the air
and we will meet some day and i will beat you to a pulp, oh it's true
and i will vote conservative, blonde fair well king
this is the end of the song
Track Name: grace (take two)
i cannot make the scene
shine as brightly as it did to me
she walked so gracefully
holding her arms out straight to me
oh heavenly thing
now i see what this means to me
i know these needs
i can meet
daffodil flowers surround everything
i hope she'll come find me
in forest room one seventeen
she'll smile so warmly
and she'll say this song's about me
Track Name: my doctor
my doctor said that im gonna need some surgery
so something's wrong and it wont be gone by just waiting
but im not scared for the wear and tear of my body
and the doctor's scares increase the fares of his taxi

so im just gonna play it off like hes just doing his job

ive seen my doctor, gone, and go grabassing
yeah hes a human being he likes fucking just like me
i cant take what he is prescribing me
because hes not me and hes got not control over what i do

everybody's just doing their job
Track Name: planet earth
i love this planet earth
id be sad if it changed for the worse
i realize what its worth
no i dont have this rehearsed
didnt plan a single word
wont go and let it go unheard
with no meaning immersed
just language packed and terse
til the coming of the hearse
Track Name: deep goof in vietnam (excerpt)
theres a whole lot coming right this way
pull out those weapons as fast as you may
troop four please go deploy your shit
we got kong coming straight to our transmit
our bodies not our souls coming back from the sea
watching moms cry for a dad's heartbeat
i can feel that i am getting weak
there is no hope there is only lucky
Track Name: missing girl
she went missing just about a week ago
she probably aint coming back
but who knows the police are reaching a gypsy
the legend says that she's got the knack
the pi said he'd be right on it right after the current case
theres hope for nothing
im telling you something
i could tell it by the look on his face
the family is undergrieved
they havent got a lot to say
the dad has said its unfortunate
but its one less tuition to pay
Track Name: soldier's hope
stuck in the swamp
lets wash ourselves out by the lake

i wont sacrifice it
we got struck down by the quake

i wont have no fighting
as long as you are awake

is there any way
to make it out alive?

cuz i was hoping
to make it out alive
Track Name: billygoat
the billygoat squeals
blood thirsty meals
we are a family of farmers
conservative leans
overall jeans
we'll take a gun to the mormons

incestuous taste
rip of dark lace
feeling among the family
we are the creepsters
that cause all the weepers
in the deepest and darkest of stories